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Aerial Maps & 3D Models

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Aerial Maps and 3D Models are powerful products used in a wide variety of applications. They are created by “stitching” together individual aerial images to form a highly detailed “Google” style map.  This “map” can then be transformed into other products

Common Uses:

  • 3D Models

  • Topographic Digital Terrain and Surface Models

  • Design Drawing overlays

  • Street and sidewalk condition assessments

  • Reserve Studies and Capital Budget Planning

    • Mapping of utility services​

    • Baseline condition reporting for insurance claims

  • Identifies unauthorized tenant changes

  • Traffic Studies

  • Security Planning

  • Marketing


  • Provides a near real-time view of the facility

  • Reduces cost 15 to 30 times as compared to airplane or helicopter services 

  • Provides a unique "big picture" perspective of the facility 

  • Used to compare work progress over time

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