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About Us

Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections was founded by Michael Tynan, a real estate professional, with over 35 years of experience in construction and maintenance operations.

The Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections concept grew from real-life inspection experiences with NYC landlords who were involved in large-scale real estate holdings.
Mike recognized the potential value-add that commercial drones would bring to the inspection process. Ill equipped inspectors, armed with a pair of binoculars could underestimate repair costs by as much as 400%. In comparison, a commercial grade drone, loaded with professional optics and thermographic cameras can perform the up close, visual images to provide an accurate  assessment of the building facade and reveal inherent energy loss and moisture saturation from aging or improper material installation.

Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections was developed in partnership with Stirling Technologies, an Information Technology company providing support to the Mortgage/ Banking industry, and Expense Management Associates, Inc., a New York City real estate consultancy focused on project management and cost reduction programs.

Drone on Pro Aerial Inspections first drone capture

Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections utilizes fully licensed, FAA Certified Pilots who operate aircrafts per FAA safety guidelines. Drone On Pro Arial Inspections only utilizes commercial grade drones significantly decreasing inspection costs and increasing effectiveness.

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