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Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections utilize emerging drone technology to provide the Commercial Property Management industry with extensive aerial inspections to identify issues, reduce field times, and cut project costs.

Drone On Pro Services

Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections utilizes drone technology paired with thermographic capabilities to quickly identify moisture saturation, energy loss, and physical defects in the building envelope. Inspecting using an aerial platform provides owners with actionable information to better manage their properties. 


Drone On Pro Aerial Inspection's thermal cameras target temperature differences on the ground's surface. These temperature variations indicate potential water line breaks.

Underground water loss assessment image by Drone on Pro Aerial Inspections

By using drone technology, Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections offers several advantages that help in the construction process. These include project monitoring, work in place, design comparison, and stockpile measurements.

Construction progress modeling image by Drone on Pro Aerial Inspections

Aerial Maps and 3D Models provide an exclusive "big picture" perspective used for various purposes to provide immediate actionable information to the management team.

Aerial maps and 3D models image by Drone on Pro Aerial Inspections

Keeping a close eye on your solar panel system is essential to ensure that your system is fully operational. Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections offers thermal inspections to provide assessments of your solar panel systems that identify system loss and physical defects.

Solar panel thermal inspection image by Drone on Pro Aerial Inspections
Who We Serve

Owners, Developers, and Real Estate Management Companies

Condominiums & Community Associations

Municipalities & Universities

Engineering Firms


New Viewpoint

Our unique process is customized, proven, and accurate for each client. We invest time and utilize our expertise to ensure you receive high quality service and results.

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