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Thermographic & Visual Inspection

Drone On Pro Aerial Inspections takes the building envelope inspection process to another level. By inspecting using an aerial platform, we are able to provide our customers with near real-time, actionable information to better manage their properties Inspectors can only see so much, our thermal drones pick up what the human eye cannot.

Quickly Identifies:

  • Moisture Saturation

  • Energy Loss

  • Venting Issues

  • Physical Defects

  • Underground Water-Line Breakage


Common Uses:

  • Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Weather Event Review

MF Roof.jpg
Medical Roof.jpg



  • Creates money-saving opportunities by targeting problem roof areas for repair or partial replacement

  • Provides actionable information for installation, insurance or warranty claims

  • Establishes a baseline for future comparisons

  • Eliminates risk to employees and vendors reducing litigation risk

  • Greatly decreases inspection costs

  • Reduces field time and time to complete

  • More accurate images.  Images obtained at angles other than 90 degrees are subject to reflection which may cause false positive

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